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Feb 2023
Lots of varied music happening for me this spring...

I'll be leading my swing band Jivin' Miss Daisy at Fleece Jazz in Suffolk on March 8th and we expect to be back at Ronnie Scott's
I'm pleased to say we are also back playing again at other public and private events. We hope that we've seen the last of Covid-19!

I'll also be touring with acts I have worked with for many years such as Alan Barnes. I also have live dates with Elaine Delmar including 3rd March in Grantham, 23rd March at the Piano Smithfield, 29th March at Eastbourne Jazz and further ahead, with Elaine and the excellent Mark Nightingale Big Band on October 22nd.

I'm also delighted to have launched Hatfield & the Health, paying tribute to some of my favourite music from the so-called Canterbury Scene of the 1970s.
We will be touring again in summer 2023. In this project I sing and play bass guitar, working with some of my favourite musicians, one of whom is the excellent saxophonist Karen Sharp. In our own trio with guitarist Colin Oxley, we have played some gigs this month, and we are planning a new recording soon too.


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